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Company profile

Cantalupi: over 60 year of excellence in Electric systems for yacht and sails

System design - Cantalupi Electric Systems
Over 60 year of excellence in Electric systems for yacht and sails all the customers’ needs from all over the world: this is the secret of the prestige of Cantalupi Electric System in the ship industry.

Electric System division, founded in 1951 in Viareggio by Bruno Cantalupi, belongs to the Cantalupi Group, together with Cantalupi Lighting and Cantalupi USA, with which it cooperates with synergy: a synergy that has always represented an added value.

Cantalupi Group is an evolved group, composed by over 100 experts which maintains in its inside the genuine features of a company with three generations of family history.

Cantalupi has always worked in a shipbuilding context and market among the most famous and advanced in the whole world and it has developed itself in line with new technologies and the new market dynamics.
The challenge with the future is captured by the “Search and Development” division, which pays attention to the study and to the integration of all new automation and domotic systems, with the highest quality standard.

Cantalupi Electric Systems designs and produces in Italy. Nowadays it is proud of more than 600 achieved systems and 200 automation systems for ships that everyday make waves around the world.