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Electric Systems

The care of details makes the difference

electric systems - Cantalupi
If the engine of a boat is considered its heart, its electric system is supposed to be its mind.

The safety of an electric system cannot disregard from the complete efficiency of all the board instrumentations. Shipyards know that they entrust the electric systems of the yachts they are building only to qualified companies. Cantalupi Electric Systems, since over a half century, with its engineers, designers and technicians, achieves and guarantees switchboards and electric and electronic systems for the most prestigious boats. Sailing the sea there is no place for mistakes or approximations. For this reason our systems are achieved paying much attention to the safety of the management of energy and of all the power lines and signal lines, to the connections and to the tests of the entire system.

Systems are designed and achieved by highly qualified people and under the supervision of the technical people, who perform the test. The quality, the reliability and the efficiency of our systems guarantee safety and longevity for every boat..