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Systems Design

System design - Cantalupi Electric Systems
A technical office dedicated to the board electrical systems design, with an experience of over a half century and a continuous update.

Cantalupi’s technical office designs every electrical systems according rigorously to the standards stated by the higher authorities and international ship classification registers (such as RINA, ABS, LR, BV, etc..) and by achieving innovative solutions thanks to the big experience grown up in over than 60 years.

Crucial phase of a ship electrical system design is the wise management of all the energy sources for the distribution of electrical loads needed to the several board equipment.

It is care of our technical office not only the activities of study and design, but also the tests on board of the compliances of the achievement with the initial project: carefully testing on board is a fundamental activity.


  1. Co-design with technical office for the achievement of technical specifics
  2. Electrical design
  3. Design approval with naval registers
  1. Sizing systems
  2. PMS Design
  3. Seamless Transfert Design
  4. Hybrid Systems
  5. Auditing & Consultancy