Recent news: Baglietto 43m Fast, Pachamama.

Cantalupi presents the recent news of  Baglietto  Planing 43 m  Fast, Pachamama.

The Baglietto’s Planning Fast, Pachamama 43 m , was present in world preview , at the Yachting Festival of Cannes and will be present at the Monaco Yacht Show that will take place between 23th and 26th September. On the 43m Fast Pachamama, Cantalupi has designed and realized the whole electric system, included the customized switch boards and all the automation system. While Cantalupi Lighting,  has designed and realized the whole lighting system.  Especially, Cantalupi  has installed, on this committed, its new line of Navigation Lights.

Pachamama 43m_2
More info on Pachamama:        Lighting System:      Cantalupi Navigation Litgh:
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