Cantalupi on: GTT115 the first super yacht with Porsche DNA by Dynamiq

GTT115 is the first super yacht with Porsche DNA: the 35-metre GTT 115 by Dynamiq together with Studio F.A. Porsche.

GTT115 features the carmaker’s signature elements like Targa-style mullions or transom in line with the futuristic Mission E concept study.

We are very proud to be on this futuristic super yacht!

In particularly, we design and realize the whole electric and automation systems.

Finally, also 4C innovation is present on GTT115 with  Navigation Led Lights – Megayachts collection.

Here you can see all the magnificence of GTT115


Video from Dynamiq Youtube channel
More info about GTT115 :
Photo courtesy Dynamiq shipyard
Photo credits: David Churchill
15 January 2018 0 Comments